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LIGHT is the new cassette fan coil unit characterised by innovative design and a perfect blend of performance, low sound emission and extreme ease of installation and maintenance.
The unit is produced in modular dimensions of 600x600mm and is available in 5 different capacities for the 2 pipe versions (61-62-63-64-65), and in 6 capacities for the 4 pipe versions (81-82-83-83C-84-84C). 
The models 83 and 84 are designed mainly for cooling, whereas the plus 83C and 84C versions are more for heating. The unit is equipped with a wide range of controls, like the infrared remote control or the BMS connection, that offer multiple adjustment solutions.
The front panel in ABS is available in the manually or automated version with adjustable flaps, equipped with 4 independent small step by step type motors.  Multiple combinations of integrated valves and the armoured electric heater, from 1500 to 2500W, offer great flexibility of personalisation of the unit during the production phase.
LIGHT-ECM Series is equipped with an innovative brushless synchronous motor that ensures exceptional energy consumption reductions up to 78%.

saving while respecting the environment 

LIGHT-ECM series is equipped with an innovative Brushless synchronous motor controlled by an inverter installed on board, that allows accurate and precise regulation of the vfans by limiting the power of the effective work load,  without any useless waste.   
Compared to a unit with a traditional asynchronous motor, the LIGHT-ECM series ensures an exceptional decrease up to 78% in energy consumption, even when it is functioning at low speed.  
The EC motor version allows remarkable economic savings and relative decrease of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, it is also capable of improving room comfort considerably with constant air capacity variations, immediate and precise attainment of the thermal level required by the user and maintaining it all day long and finally by offering a more silent environment, which is guaranteed by its low speed.

The design of the front panel is an excellent compromise of style, efficiency and functionality.
Its particular geometry and the positioning of the flaps on the perimeter combine to control the air flow precisely and directly, offering the possibility to set up the best kind of diffusion, whether automatic or manual, based on the climatic requirements of the environment, resulting in perfect control of the climatic comfort in cooling and heating modalities.

Coanda Effect
The position of the lateral flaps allows maximum exploitation of the Coanda effect in summer modality, offering ideal comfort without any annoying typical cold air flow. Thanks to this detail the cold air tends to flow towards the ceiling distributing itself in a regular, gradual way inside the room, guaranteeing ideal climatic comfort without the unpleasant thermal phenomena caused by direct cold air. 

Anti stratification effect 
In heating modality, the flaps are positioned automatically (optional) with an opening of 35°, allowing the warm air to create a downward flow, ensuring the homogenous distribution of the room temperature and avoiding the problems linked to air stratification. 


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