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EBF - Heat recovery unit


Heat recovery units


Unit type
Heat recovery unit cross-flow ait-to-air type
Panels in galvanised steel or in plastic-coated plat
Fan sections
Centrifugal double-inlet forward-curved blade fans
230V/1Ph/50Hz electric motor (6 speed)
Air filter
Polyester filters


The heat recovery units are designed to reduce heat loss in plants where fresh air is brought in.
The air extracted from the premises transfers its heat to the fresh air from outside, resulting in considerable energy saving.
The exchange recovers up to 50% of the thermal energy that would otherwise be expelled from the premises.
All the external panels are interchangeable and may be easily removed for inspection and maintenance purposes.
The heat recovery units in the EBF range are available in 6 sizes with rated flow between 500 and 3000 m3/h.


The product is made with panels in galvanised steel or in plastic-coated plate, colour RAL 9010, on request for exposed installations.
The units are supplied with panels lined with 10 mm thick thermal/acoustic insulating material (other thickness on request).
Fan sections
Air supply and intake ventilation section with centrifugal double-inlet forward-curved blade fans directly coupled to the single-phase external rotor motor, 230V/50Hz, 2 poles (for the EBF01 and EBF02 models) or 4 poles (for the larger models), complete with vibration isolation mountings.
Air filter
Polyester filters with average volumetric efficiency 86.5% Am and efficiency class G3 to EN779.
Heat recovery unit
Cross-flow air-to-air static type heat recovery unit. Plates and suitably sealed retaining frame in aluminium. Steel condensate collecting tray with drain pipe.