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Water cassette


Unit type
Water cassette
90 x 90 cm
Heavy-gauge galvanized steel
Fan group
Single-inlet centrifugal fan
Electric (4 speed)
Air filter
Plastic frame holding the filtering membrane
Copper piping expanded into hydrophile aluminium fins in continuous block
2 / 4 pipe system


Available in 4 different sizes with cooling capacity from 3760 to 4650 W.
Due to its square design (cm 90x90) these units are really suitable for the installation on standard false ceiling of modern commercial structures and offices.
The units are  lled of a set-up for distribution of air to adjacent rooms through knock-out. The unit is also filled of a set-up for fresh air intake through circular knock-out.


Made in heavy-gauge galvanised steel, the structure comes complete with external brackets on the corners for easy fixing to the ceiling. Thermal-acoustic insulation: lining (polystyrene), external cladding (closed cells).
Set-up for distribution of air to adjacent rooms through knock-out and for fresh air intake through.
Fan group
Single-inlet centrifugal fan with statically and dynamically balanced plastic impeller.
The 4-speed electric motor, made to international standards, has an overload cutout and the run capacitor always connected.
The motor, directly coupled to the fan and cushioned with flexible mountings, is particularly efficient and low noise.
Air filter
The filter comprises a plastic frame holding the filtering membrane.
Inserted in the inner part of the front panel, it may be easily removed and cleaned using a vacuum cleaner and by washing with water.
Coil in copper piping expanded into hydrophile aluminium fins in continuous block. The headers have easily accessible female gas fittings and air vent/drainage valve located on the squared off corner of the appliance.
Decor panel
The décor panel has an innovative design so that the unit may be used in both dwellings and business premises. The white (RAL 9010) panel is made in lightweight but strong plastic. Fixing to the unit structure is quick and easy. The 4 adjustable louvers ensure the best air distribution throughout the room. Central intake grille with filter to guarantee clean air. The grille may be removed to access internal parts without having to remove from the ceiling.