Custom-made solutions, without limits.

Flexibility and knowledges in providing custom-made solutions are characteristics that distinguish our group for a long time.

Thanks to over 45 years of experience, a knowledgeable technical staff and a dynamic and flexible production, we are able to satisfy the most varied client’s requests, guaranteeing levels of customization of 360° which range from the pure aesthetic appearance with products that are equipped with specific supply, until more aggressive solutions that have an impact on thermodynamic, mechanical and aeraulic field, everything guaranteed by a careful process of design and the related feasibility study.

Application examples could be specific installations near buildings subject to certain restrictions, as museums or historic buildings, in which could be necessary provide custom-made solutions in ranks of comply different restrictions as size limits, accessibility, low-noise, contained aesthetic appearance or stringent requirements in terms of safety and fire resistance, or more complex units in which the aeraulic part is arranged with a refrigeration circuit in order to offer extremely compact and efficient solutions for specific application areas in which could not be possible to operate with standard solutions.

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