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Every day we do our best in order to make the brand Ventilclima as synonymous and guarantee of reliability, quality and durability. For this reason we are working constantly in order to offer also a complete and professional after-sales service, through a team of specialized technicians and a network of partners at international level that they are able to assist the customer with an expert advice, that aims to provide support and continuous training.

Being professional on the after-sales service allows us to answer in a prompt manner at every kind of needs, from development of quotes for spare parts until the planning of technical interventions on site, from the technical advice that it dedicated to the creation of customized solutions, in view of minimizing any inconvenience for the customer and ensure the fully functioning on the areas in which our products is going to be installed.

Following these simple directions you can receive support:

  1. Download the interest form on your pc.
  2. Fill in it each part. You can do it in a digital way ( through ADOBE ACROBAT READER, free download on ) or manual way.
  3. Save the form and send it including any attachments to the following address
  4. As soon as we get your kindly request, we will try to contact you providing you all the necessary support.

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